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20 Of The Best Beer Belly Maternity Photos On The Internet


In the modern world, we are taking more pictures than ever before. Almost every electronic device we own contains a camera of some sort. While most of the pictures we take are thoroughly unremarkable, when it’s a special occasion, most of us like to get creative.

And let’s face it, few occasions are more special than pregnancy announcements. They are a chance for soon-to-be parents to show off their growing bump to friends and family, having them eagerly guess at the gender and name of their imminently arriving bundle of joy.

Check out the video below to see 30 of the most awkward pregnancy announcements in history:

However, not all pregnancy announcements are created equally. Now that maternity photoshoots are commonplace, people are adopting the overused generic poses in even the most creative of photoshoots, something which has been hilariously parodied by men with beer bellies!

So, without further ado, here are 20 of the greatest beer belly maternity photos in existence…

1. Nothing can compare to a mother’s love

Or this guy’s beer belly pride. Brewed with love indeed!

2. You’ll always be safe in my arms

My gigantic and ever so healthy beer belly.

3. Pregnancy is a magical experience

And so is drinking your way to a beer belly.

4. Expectant moms are at one with nature

Middle-aged men with beer bellies? Not so much.

While a lot of men are proud of their beer bellies, they really shouldn’t be. Beer bellies are typically hard and that’s because they contain visceral fat which has a number of concerning links to disease, so as funny as these pictures are, it’s not a good idea to aspire to them.

5. A growing belly is something to be celebrated

And while that’s true of actual baby bumps, it’s not true of beer bellies!

6. Expectant moms wistfully dream of their babies

It’s just a shame that the only thing this guy has to look forward to is heart disease.

7. Maternity photo shoots are a chance to be sexy

Although this guy should have probably made sure both of his nipples were covered.

8. Some moms wait a long time to fall pregnant

It can take a long time for men to develop beer bellies too.

Contrary to the name beer belly, these infamous rock-hard guts are not entirely the result of drinking one too many pints. They are the result of a number of poor lifestyle choices which can include the “wrong calorie intake, excessive salt in the diet, constipation, stress, lack of sleep, poor posture and even genetics,” according to Ricardo Riskalla, personal trainer and owner of RawFit.

9. Expectant moms have a lot of bizarre cravings

But this guy just enjoys McDonald’s a little too much.

10. It’s an exciting moment to feel your baby kick

Or to burp, as this guy probably did after having his Big Mac and Coke.

11. Moms bond with their babies a lot while they are in the womb

I guess you can do the same thing with undigested food. Right?

12. Sometimes babies can take their time coming into the world

Thankfully, if you’re determined enough, you can lose your beer belly in less than nine months.

So how exactly do you get rid of a beer belly? Well, there’s a lot of tips and tricks on offer. Three recommended steps are burning off the fat through regular exercise, making sure that you don’t miss meals (starvation isn’t the answer), and reducing the amount you drink.

13. Moms really are superheroes

But you won’t be winning any medals for heroism just for getting a beer belly.

14. Sometimes you see a baby belly before you notice the woman

The same can’t be said for beer bellies.

15. It takes a man and a woman to make a baby

Beer bellies are a different story. Most guys only have their friends to blame.

16. Pregnant women love ice cream

And so do men who can’t help but much their way through more than their recommended calory intake.

Even if you don’t have a beer belly (yet), it’s important that you are aware of the effects which too much alcohol can have on your body. It causes your liver to go into overdrive to process the toxins from it, which isn’t helped if you’re also snacking at the same time. Beer itself contains 150 calories per unit and if you’re also having a lot of empty carbs with it, you won’t be doing your cholesterol any favors. This can not only lead to weight gain but increase your risk of heart disease.

17. It’s important for expectant moms to love their changing bodies

But I guess this guy just wanted to pay tribute to his love of beer.

18. Babies in the womb can sense what their moms are up to

That being said, I don’t think this guy’s stomach is thanking him for yet another chocolate bar.

19. Pregnant women love documenting their growing bumps

Maybe this guy will do the same when he decides to lose weight.

20. Men love to feel their pregnant partner’s belly

But, now that the roles are reversed, this woman is content with just hearing her man’s stomach rumble.

So there you have it – 20 of the internet’s greatest beer maternity pictures. While there’s no doubt that they are the ultimate celebration of the dad-bod, it’s probably best not to glamorize them too much. So if you’ve got a beer belly yourself, don that flower tiara you’ve always wanted to wear, stage a maternity photo shoot and hit the gym this summer. Your internal organs will thank you for it.

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