12 Of The Funniest Reactions To Netflixs Unfortunate Mistake With Marie Kondos Pic Even Chrissy Teigen Responds


This year Netflix introduced Marie Kondo and her “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” to the unread masses (her book came out in 2010 people), but due to a glitch or bored hacker, her recent Netflix promo pic makes the “sparking joy” method seem a bit aggressive.

Image credits: Marie Kondo

In the show, Kondo comes to the homes of hopeless packrats to teach her organization method inspired by Shintoism. The energetic organizer transforms each space with the adage of keeping only items that bring joy, which made her ‘new promo’ all the more hysterical.

Image credits: williamhanson

In a confused tweet, etiquette expert William Hanson tweeted out a photo of the Marie Kondo “Tidying Up” home screen wondering if perhaps her tactics had intensified. Well, of course, Twitter went crazy at the hilarious juxtaposition of sweet, cheery, 4’7″ Marie and the image of a gunman that appeared on her homepage, even grabbing the attention of one of our favorite tweeting celebs. Scroll down below to see the mayhem that ensued.

People were quick to laugh at the mistake

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Even Chrissy Teigen responded

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Turns out, Neflix messed up some other promos too

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